Day 1 Nature & Sustainability
19th June 2024 2.00 pm

Tree of plenty Amazon forest, Ucuuba tree harvesting

Environment without nature  Relationship of urban and natural environment
The Lands between  The West Coast of England, wandering the wetlands in search of food
The Organic Revolution  Organic bee keeping in Cuba and Scotland
People of the bean A love story about coffee, and the people that grow it, and roast it
Green your block  Local area greening community
Sound of Nature  Path from beautiful nature to a destructive world and back
Farm the beginning  Regenerative farming impetus in America
Human hair  human hair as a sustainable material resource
Resilience rising  Community garden awareness of climate and sustainability
47 million bees  Preserving the native Iberian honey bee in Spain
70%  2068 video of 2018 battle to preserve water supplies

Find your rythm  in the beginning there were 5 elements


Evening  7.00 pm

The Nettle Dress



Day 2 The Future
20th June 2024 2.00 pm

In death is life The intricate connections between people and Peatlands

Little Changes Small changes can prevent great catastrophes
Derin Derin struggles with the facts of the water crisis
River of hope Red River, Northern Vietnam is one of the most “at risk”
FuturePhobia What does the future hold? According to "the experts":
We are monarchs Kids of a community garden of Puerto Rico and the Monarch butterfly
Lunatic Lunatic tackles urgent earthly issues
User history Who were the Users? How did they live and die?
Ida Ida, an AI that cultivates the land in service to her creators
Shadow in a 100 years People who do important things without looking for a return
Insecure (erosion) The rapidly eroding coastline of the town of Withernsea
The Seeds of Tomorrow Life, history, and the promise of the future

Our future How do we feel about climate change?


Evening  7.00 pm




Day 3 Fossil fuel, Waste and Plastics
21st June 2024 2.00 pm

A Fistful of Rubbish A cowboy is taking things into his own hands. Literally
Sweet Plastik A lot of plastic waste washes up on the island of Breuh (Indonesia)
The fourth artwork on climate change Art project on climate change
Plastic waste- forever? Will our present age one day be called the "plastic age"
The art of giving A young girl and an artist arrange to help the trash picker kids of Bali
Turning waste into money Can we look at waste not as waste, but something useful?
Ruins The aftermath of industrialization and unchecked disposal of waste
Bauxite A priest gets a death threat "you've been talking against mining too much"
Feeling the Apocalypse Exploring what it means to live in a dying world
Household waste Juan and Patri throw the garbage in the recycling bins
Mr. Burn Waster Mr. Burn Waster, is trying to sell an incinerator

Amazon XXI Brazilian rain forest destruction and burning
Cancer Alley Towns between East Baton Rouge and New Orleans, are now dominated by more than 200 chemical plants and oil refineries


Evening  7.00 pm

The Oil Machine


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